• Emily H.A. Yen

    UCLA SOciology

    Emily H.A. Yen is a Doctoral Candidate in the Department of Sociology at UCLA. She has been a Mellon Mays Fellow and a Port of Los Angeles Fellow.


    Emily's research interests include regional economic development, global cities, social movements, the environment, labor, race and ethnicity, and urban planning. She utilizes a variety of qualitative and quantitative methods that include ethnography, interviewing, survey research, and network analysis.


    Building sustainable communities that embody the principles social and economic justice is vital her research, teaching, mentorship, art and public engagement.

  • Emily H.A. Yen

    UCLA Sociology

  • Teaching


    Los Angeles: Global Trade and Local Ports

    (GE 66)

    Social Organization of Black Communities

    (Soc M5/Afro-Am M5)

    Mellon Mays Honors Seminar

    (Honors 101J)

    Teaching Assistant


    Introduction to Sociology: Summer 2017 and Summer 2015


    Los Angeles: The Cluster (Freshman Seminar): Spring 2016 and Winter 2016


    Social Networks: Spring 2016, Winter 2016 and Spring 2014


    Sociology of Organizations: Fall 2015


    American Society: Spring 2014


    Comparative Immigration: Fall 2013


  • Digital Media Projects

    Invisible Lujiazui

    Thick Map of migrants working in the Central Business District in Shanghai

  • Contact Me

    375 Portola Plaza
    Haines Hall 264
    Los Angeles, CA 90095